Took it easy today, just went into town and made it in time for a Carnivàle parade. Spent most of it trying to avoid the peculiar custom of dousing each other with baby powder or what looks like spray mousse. Looked really wet and sticky



I wandered into a little locals restaurant in a courtyard, had a nice meal for $2.50, including a refreshing jugo (juice). Rice, beans & pollo and since my Spanish is rusty, I couldn’t figure out what else he was saying but I understood “res” that’s beef. It included very tasty beef soup, a caldo de pata, which I should not have googled afterward, but oh well the cows feet soup was still quite good ;p (bonus points for Castle fans who’ll get a chuckle out of that)

Had a “taco” for dinner, another tasty $2.50, the taco was shaped into an ice cream cone shape, much easier to eat standing up


I’m going to use AirBNB for most of this trip, so far so good, this first place is more like a guesthouse/regular BnB than the typical AirBnB, but very nice, all the basics, super nice family.

I won’t be updating for a couple of days as I don’t think I’ll have internet access in the Galápagos Islands.

Take care everyone