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Well it started off with a bang, early morning, all set to take off, speeding down the runway and captain aborts landing, pulling up very sharply and immediately touching down again, that woke me up…. A flock of birds had flew across the runway, causing the captain to abort, we had to go back to the gate for a check and refueling. Next takeoff was smooth, no feathered friends.

Made it to San Crisobel Island, our boat, The Queen Beatriz is pretty sweet, lots of nice folks from all over, mainly Aussies of course 😉

Our first excursion was to a beach with sea lions just laying about, they really can’t be bothered by humans.


There were small pups, and you could easily see who rascals were, just like other puppy liters, there was one pup that couldn’t stay still and had to wake everyone up 😉 I have a video to go with it but can’t get it to upload :(! Success! Now uploaded

Shelly had a great suggestion, “Why don’t I add why I decided to go to each place on my trip.” Well Galápagos has been on my bucket list since before I even knew what a bucket list was. Back in high school, we learned about genetics and Charles Darwin, his Galápagos Islands theories on natural selection, etc. So I’ve always been fascinated with genetics, mutations etc. At one point I actually wanted to be a genetic scientist, but silly me, I thought there would be nothing else interesting to come out of genetics since we’d already mapped the human genome.

Ah well….the wisdom of youth…