That afternoon we sailed to Buccaneers cove for some snorkeling, a couple of sea lions swam with us for a bit, they were quite playful, we also swam over a couple of sharks, (I thought they were massive, but was told they were small ones ;). Some in the group swam with some penguins and a tortoise but I missed those. 😦

Buccaneers Cove is where pirates used to beach their boats with the tide and make repairs to their ship, sailing off when the tide was right.

Later we sailed to Puerta Egas for a walk around for different type of flora/ fauna , birds and animals. We finished with a walk along the shore, that was chuck full of wildlife.

These are ghost crabs, not really ghostly to me, thought they were kind of cool looking


Can you spot the iguanas? They blend… I almost stepped on an iguana a few times because they blend into the rocks so well. I think they are prehistoric looking… And don’t get in a staring contest with them, you’ll lose!


And people sat on these rocks until they noticed the iguanas hanging out underneath…


This frigate bird (I think) after a big fight caught this crab and was picking at it when an iguana came and stole it from him, that bird was pissed after all that work, he eventually swooped down and capture his prize again, and took off away from the iguanas.


See the big penguin, according to our guide, penguins don’t usually hangout here, so this was a bonus


Gorgeous nature ..




Finally, when we were done and waiting for our zodiac boat for our pickup, these sea lions just wandered over and plopped down for a nap. Then another big one came over with a cute little baby following behind.