I don’t plan on updating everyday, but I want to make sure I document this Galápagos trip so I don’t forget anything about it, so bear with me!

The next morning we went to James/San Salvedor/Santiago Island (the Ecuadorians renamed it, but they still call it James island too) And the beach at Espumilla to see the different types of plants that had taken over once the volcanic layer had settled and sand and dirt layered on, with plants adapting to receiving their moisture from the air, no their roots, since the soil is still quite sandy, why can’t my yard plants do the same…

Also, because there are no predators, even the cactus have evolved to not have sharp needles any longer, the “needles” on this cactus felt like hair.


The views on this beach were spectacular and so unspoiled. The government only allows a certain number of boats to visit each island.



The animals are not afraid or impressed by humans they walk right on by, like this marine iguana that had just come out of the ocean.


We saw many more turtle nests, this one either the turtle didn’t cover the egg properly, or one of the other turtles kicked it out


I’ll post the afternoon in a separate post