Why chile?

Well other than I want to play where in the world is Carmen Santiago, but substitute where in the world is Cheryl? Simple becausein my 7th grade Spanish class, we used Chile as an example a lot, the weather is warm right now, I really like South America so I wanted to explore the continent more, and I want to improve my Spanish. C. Chilean Spanish is a difficult thing, they speak really, really fast and have a lot of their own slang. But I feel better because other Spanish speakers have a hard time understanding Chilean Spanish too 😉

Chile itself is huge, long and skinny, hugging almost the whole length of the west coast of South America. Santiago is pretty much in the center, with a climate somewhat like LA.

Santiago is a charming city once you get to know it. It’s also a huge city, with vast parts I didn’t make a dent in, in that respect, it is similar to LA, a city comprised of various little districts each with their own identity and whims. My favorites were Bella Vista, Lastarria, and near the central market. I did the Free Tour, where your guide works for tips, Felipe was a Chilean from Santiago, so he really knew the city and could add lots of color behind the politics and history of various areas. I think that was much better, I heard some of the other guides were Scottish or ?? I’m sure they know the areas they are talking about, but would probably lose some of the nuances of history, of which Chile has plenty, good and some parts quite sad. The tour was quite good and gave me lots of places I wanted to further explore.

Plus, who knew coffee had legs!

Actually a story told by our guide, all the coffee shops in Santiago used to have very attractive ladies, wearing short skirts serving coffee/hanging out/ hosting at the local coffee shops to entice the business men to come and have a coffee everyday ” their coffee minute” hence it became known as “coffee with legs” even to this day. Sure enough, we walked by one of the coffee shops and the barrista was quite attractive, with lovely legs 🙂

Fantastic Pre-Columbian history museum


Found out something new, not only were the Inca’s incredible builders, but they were also great accountants!


Their “Ten key” for those old enough to know what that is or their computer for you youngsters (looks complicated and with an art tie-in…)


View from Cerra San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal hill towers over Santiago, with several parks, a zoo, and the Virgin Mary watching over the city, view is quite gorgeous.



Yeah, I didn’t climb that sucker, I used the Funicular


Mote con huesillo

Traditionally, you run up San Cristóbal and have a mote con huesillo as your prize. I skipped the run, took the nice funicular and went right to the prize. I was told that mote is a solely Chilean, everyone has their empanadas, pasteles, etc, but only Chile has Mote con huesillo, a boiled husked wheat, with dried peaches, with a sweet peach juice. Actually was pretty good, well the wheat part was different 😉


Cerro Santa Lucia is a hill/ park right in the middle of Santiago, it’s a calm respite from the city, kind of like Central Park is in NYC. It’s also quite the lovers lane, every time I turned around, I felt like I was intruding, haha.




Looking back at San Cristóbal



Panorama and the Andes mountains