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This one is just food….overall I enjoy the food in Chile, but it is quite heavy, finding a salad is sometimes a challenge

Yummy helados (ice cream)

I went two straight days to this ice cream joint and had to refrain from going twice in one day….though I was very sad the didn’t have the Essence of Rose flavor either day.




The mother of all hot dogs, a yummy bun/roll, standard hot dog, tomatoes, avocado’s and a layer if mayonnaise, toasted on the grill. Served on top of fries, with a glass of jugo ( juice) all for about 4 bucks.


At the Central Market, which housed the seafood catches of the day. I forgot to take pictures at the awesome fruit and vegetable market, but take my word for it, was gorgeous!


They look like giant squid to me…..


Went to a seafood restaurant that was on the outer edges of the Market, those right in the middle were twice the price, looked fancier, but food looked the same. Waiter talked me into a couple of pisco sours, then brought some Chilean wine, I felt like a I needed a nap, when did I become a lightweight, getting old sucks…

This seafood soup was delicious, just the taste of perfectly cooked, fresh seafood, with a super yummy side “salsa” to add to the soup to spice to your taste


One thing left to try, pasteles, a corn pudding types dish …..