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Before I came here that was one of the handful of things I knew about Argentina- Evita, they’re supposed to have really good beef, Malbec wine and my main reason for visiting, Iguazú Falls. I’ve now visited Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina in South America and Argentina is definitely the most European feeling, architecturally, aesthetically, & culturally. Additionally, the Porteño’s as those residents of Buenos Aires call themselves, look more European, with blond hair, blue eyes, and even their Spanish sounds more Italian, including the talking with their hands part ;).

Well I can confirm Malbec here is fantastic and cheap, the beef is best in the world, only behind Kobe beef, and now I know more about Evita Perón than the one song. Also the Tango is their national dance. You can see street tango in various touristy locales, these would have the participants all dressed up as you’d see on TV, but regular folks attend weekly Tango “schools” or milangos and includes a weekly dance night so that attendees can practice their moves. Far less showy than the TV tango, but it was fun to see the various levels, but yet it cemented in my mind that I have no rhythm and should not try tango.

Evita Perón and Juan Perón still strike quite the reactions, but it is evident that part of her appeal lies in her ability to connect with everyday people, even at a distance


I hardly eat beef these days, but I think I had steak 6 out if the 8 days I was here… Even the hole in the wall parilla grills had excellent beef, the beef just tastes is so much better and beefier than our beef! I think the other days I had Italian, their other national cuisine.

Steak at La Brigada


Dulce de leche crepes – these are so evil! So good, between dulce de leche crepes or ice cream, pretty sure I gained back what weight I lost in Ecuador and Chile


Oh and its confirmed (in my mind at least) that Iguazú Falls is indeed worthy of its status as one of the new 7 Wonders of the Natural World, definitely one of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever seen, “makes Niagara falls look like a leaky faucet”, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said (not sure if I’d characterize NF as a leaky faucet, but Iguazú Falls definitely eclipses NF for me). The scope and beauty of the falls is jaw dropingly, awe inspiring. I must have taken 500 or more pictures. I won’t bore you with them all, but I will with several! Every time you turn to the next view, it’s an oh my god moment, some translated into pictures, but others didn’t. The Iguazú falls lies at the intersection of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Hito Tres Fronteras. – where Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil Meet


I viewed them from both the Argentine side, where the majority of the falls themselves lie and from the Brazilian side, which is the opposite view and gives a fantastic overview of the falls. Both sides have setup these magnificent catwalks over parts of the falls so you feel the power and rush of the falls, as well as the feel of the water spray. In fact, in several places you get soaked, however you can buy rain ponchos to protect yourself. However, clever cheapskate that I am, I had my rain poncho from my visit to the Penguin parade in Melbourne, Australia in 2002, take that family who laughed at me for saving it all these years 😉

Los Cataratas Or the Waterfalls

Garganta del Diablo or Devil’s Throat, the most spectacular waterfall



Catwalk over part of Garganta del Diablo


Double rainbow


Garganta del Diablo looking from the Brazil side


The colors!