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Songkran is the Buddhist New Year festival celebrated in Thailand and celebrate they do! It means water fights galore. It’s hilarious, these mild mannered Thai’s carry around these huge water guns, drive around on pickup trucks with huge trash cans full of water or stand in the streets with hoses and basically douse people with water. Full on spray, throw, shoot, scoop, what ever means possible to get other people wet… Everyone walks around with their cell phones, money, etc in a plastic protector bag around their neck ready to get wet. Notice the pails they have in their hands, all the better to throw water with….

Soaked and ready to soak others in the middle of the street


It started out where you tapped an elder on the shoulder with a drop or two of water as a blessing or good wishes for the new year and has evolved into a two day all out water fight. If you are in an open air tuk tuk, a motorcycle, walking down the street you’ll get sprayed, etc. It’s quite funny to see middle aged little ladies and men wielding a mean looking water canon. Since it is so hot, it’s not bad, however sometimes they add talcum powder to the water for a further blessing- THAT I’m not so fond of since laundry is a pain for me!

Monk giving a blessing

Kids ready for battle


I wandered down a street near the condo I was staying at. There were people in little groups hanging around, dressed in matching outfits, kind of like representing different clubs. All of a sudden a parade breaks out and the different groups each do something, juggle, acrobatics music etc


Lots of drums are involved …..


If you need another water gun, have no fear, there are plenty to buy on every corner!


Patrolling truck filled with water and people


Overall I’m glad I extended my stay in Bangkok to see this.