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I have to admit after the awesomeness that was Penang, and my first taste of my so so KL breakfast after an overnight bus ride, I didn’t have high expectations for KL. However, a trip around on its easy monorail, a viewing of the Petronas towers, (their Twin towers and former tallest building in the world), and a nice curry soup dinner, that notion was dispelled. Where Penang is old town/old time charm, KL is futuristic/spaceship ready to blast off- modern city. I can appreciate both ;).

The space ship ready for takeoff or the Petronas towers at night. One of them used to be the tallest building in the world, but Taipei 191 took that crown for now.


They still look alien in the daylight


Side view


The KL Tower or Menera Tower, had a nice view from here, including of the Petronas towers


View from KL tower of the Petronas and other shimmery buildings in KL


KL tower looks like a pineapple from the ground upward


Multi faith worship- a beautiful Indian temple


The malls in KL are incredible! There are at least 5 that would rival South Coast Plaza, and they’re just blocks from each other. They were also air conditioned and had awesome food courts, win- win for me.


KL is a big construction site, lots of cranes everywhere, reminds me of being in Shanghai 10 years ago, but KL wants you to be safe 😉


Islamic art has a lot of geometric patterns


Interesting to see it reflected on a high rise


Although I did find a good street market in KL, I do have to say Penang’s food was better and certainly cheaper! Though these ladies and their tarts at the Inni Market were awesome!

Baked Cha siu ba type bun and egg tart