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Getting to Europe via Asia is a long haul, I had a late flight from Kuala Lumpur to Doha, Qatar about 8 hours, 6 hr overnight layover in the Doha airport, no sleep, not very comfortable, then early morning flight to Budapest, Hungry, about 6 hrs, 1 hr wait on the plane and then another hour to Zagreb. Killer! Landed mid afternoon and headed out to check out Zagreb. Yes, I’m crazy sometimes.

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, dating back to Roman times, but the name Zagreb first appeared in 1094. Zagreb is an interesting mix, there is the central old town, with buildings from mainly the 1700-1800’s, and the “New town” built primarily after WWI. The Old Town is primarily Austro-Hungarian style architecture, grand & old world, very classic and quite pretty, whereas much of the New Town is socialist era box construction and kind of drab and ugly. It’s quite a point of amusement for the locals. Wish I’d taken a picture to illustrate the stark differences.

The main square in Old Town, filled with coffee shops and not a one is a Starbucks (yay!)


Ban Jelinik


Coffee shop level view of the main square


Specialty here Burek- a dough baked around meat or other filling, not bad. But usually cheap 😉


Another style in the Old town


Oh the sun came out


This is the only remaining part of a medieval wooden gate, according to legend, the rest was destroyed by a fire in 1731, except for this painting of the Virgin and Child, so it’s now a shrine


From one of the streets, looking at the church towers


Zagreb is chock full of museum’s the quirkiest being the Museum or Broken Relationships. People donate mementos, and the story behind them, that remain after a relationship ends. Including a can of love incense to an iron once used to press a wedding suit. Quite interesting!


Was the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, thanks very much for the developments in the managing of electricity and advancing the idea of wireless communication, Mr Tesla I’m writing this on my cell phone right now 😉