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So pretty, Old Town Dubrovnik, the walls surrounding the town are massive and in tact. I’ve been to many fortified towns in Europe, but these walls were the most complete ( entirely complete) and just massive, while there has been some rebuilding of the walls over the years, the footprint has basically been the same. The town itself is filled with steps, my calves were crying! I’ve wanted to go to Croatia and the Dalmation coast for a long, long time, even pre-dating it as a filming location for Game if Thrones. I still have visions of sailing the ocean blue around Croatia and the Mediterranean coast, thanks to Marijana and E-Lin, hope Michael is working on those sailing skills ;). Though Dubrovnik was a part of the former Yugoslavia, it seems a somewhat ill fit, it seems to share more with it’s neighbors across the Adriatic Sea, (well other than a really difficult language of Croatian). And indeed, as tiny as it was, it was always it’s own city/state since it’s founding in the 7th century, as it was a very wealthy sea trading town, with strong defensive walls to protect it and wealthy enough to pay tribute if that worked better. It repelled the city/state of Venice through its history. It was only after a huge earthquake in 1666 that devastated the town, causing the gradual decline in power and strength as well as influence, and when it inadvertently surrendered to Napoleon, it finally lost its independence(He said he just wanted passage through, when they lowered the gate, well… In their defense, they were masters at diplomacy and negotiation, it just didn’t work this time.) Sometime after, during/after the Austro/Hungarian rule it was joined with the newly put together Yugoslavia, as they shared a common language and some ancestry with the Croatians and Serbs.

Sadly the city was besieged during the Croatian/Serbian war that broke out in the early 90’s after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the fallout in the region, namely Yugoslavia breaking apart into (eventually) five separate countries. However, as it is a Unesco world heritage site, they did assist in the rebuilding and at this time the city has been restored for the most part to its former beauty.

This is Old Town Dubrovnik, looking back at it from Fort Lawrence, yes that water really is that clear and blue


Wider shot of the whole town, so gorgeous!


So, so blue


The whole of Old town, shot from above at the cable car station


Fort Lawrence, the next hill over, a sort of forward observation hill


For scale, look at the size of those walls!


So pretty at night, this was the view from my balcony by the way. I picked the best guesthouse ever. Sweet family, plus only 5 minutes from the entrance at the Ploce gate, and even better, the stairs to get to the guesthouse were not bad, in comparison to other places, not bad at all!


Clock tower lit up


The Stradun or Main Street


A bit of sunset action in the harbor


Buca bar, off the side of the wall, looking out to the Adriatic


Lemon beer, refreshing


And sunset

The walls at night


Stairs!! I think I’d be in quite good shape leg wise if I lived at the top of the stairs…


Stairs stairs!!




Stairs to church, sense a theme here…


The Wall


View through one of the look outs on the wall to the city below



The Minceta tower, any Game of Thrones fans recognize this?


Dubrovnik is a magical town and I hated to leave it. That being said, I don’t think a visit during the height of summer would be very pleasurable, everyone else has found it as well. It suggest early fall, it’s still warm and the tourist flocks will have died down. Late spring was nice as well, just a bit rainy, but even with the rain, during the day it generally cleared up by the afternoon, I didn’t have days that were total washouts. Just gorgeous! And around Dubrovnik are wonderful islands, plus some lovely vineyards with some very nice Dalmation Coast wines. There is one grape that grows near the shore that receives extra sun-via regular sun, sun reflected off the rocks and sun reflected off the water, so the wine making process doesn’t need any added sugar, that wine was very tasty 😉

I could go on and on about Dubrovnik and post more and more pics……

In fact check back later, I’ll probably add more to this post 😉