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I think Portugal is an excellent starter vacation for those making their first trip overseas. Though they do speak Portuguese, (which I liken to taking Spanish, French and Italian and mixing it all up into one language, with some other flourishes), generally, in most touristy areas they will speak English as a second language and most things are in English as well as Portuguese. Plus, even with the exchange rate, it is still a relatively good deal for Americans and definitely for other Europeans.

The main plaza at night


Main plaza by the sea, so nice to have these large squares where people gather, meet up, done, walk, etc ….


Main plaza entrance during the day


Monument dedicated to the time when Portugal was a seafaring power


A castle/look out on the harbor

Looked like HR Puff and Stuff 😉 but it’s a statue


Even the side walks have pretty designs


A nice view of a typical street in Lisbon, sidewalk cafe, pretty design on the sidewalk and bloody stairs!


Yummiest egg tart -Nata


A cool shot of the metro entrance


The Alfama at the top, with the city climbing up the hill to the Alfama. If you remember back about Valparaiso, another city built on hills that the artists built everything without any assistance by architects or engineers? Well Portugal, the architects and engineers led the way, with the accountants behind them, and the artists snuck in and put their flourishes on everything. It all works and is generally more orderly than you’d expect for such a hilly place.


Really cool and free museum! Had Roman ruins, which were situated on top of Moorish ruins, on which the city was built. The bank planned a little remodel on their building, but found these ruins, so they decided to open a free museum.


Cool mural you could only make out from the tower above. It depicted all of Portugal’s conquests when it was a sea power back in the 16th century. It’s quite interesting when you think that Spain and Portugal were the superpowers back then.


Really truth be told my kind of museum, one dedicated to booze


Different architecture